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A Prestonian word for old men who exist as soon as the pubs are open. They're usually identifiable by their brown, slouched appearance and the musk of cheap tobacco and piss. They may surround themselves with a ring of empty pint glasses as if they were under siege from reality.
"Those fettlers are dying out."


"There’s not any less of them, dying out is just their style."
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011
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A friendly Blackburn term used for a mate or pal.
"Arty o`reyt fettler?".....(meaning "Hello, are you alright my friend?")

"Owst tha doin fettler?"....("How are you my friend?")

"Ah`ll si-thi in a bit fettler"....("I will see you soon my friend")
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
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Strictly speaking, a fettler is one who "Grinds and sands ceramic products". However, in a modern day context, we have come accept the term as meaning: one who engages in unsanitory or socially unacceptable practices, such as molestation of young boys and generally caressing things that ought not to be caressed.
- "Did you see that dirty Baz in't park 't other day? He looked like a right bleedin fettler!"
- "Yeh"
- "Jeez look at that strumpet on the way to club Corporation, she's asking for a proper fettlin"
- "Yeh"
by Alex n Will September 28, 2006
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