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Fethard is a town in County Tipperary, Ireland. There are many fine things to do in Fethard, such as:

Trying to throw stones through the gap in the part of the town wall near the gate.

Drinking whisky in the winter, especially down the river walk.

Going to the chipper.

Trying to sit on the disintegrating benches near the river.

Looking at the geese.
Bill "Are you familiar with Fethard town?"

Raoul "No"
by RumChow April 18, 2009
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fethard is a shithole with many celebrities originating from here such as johnny frufru, the meat twins, skinny, skip, andrew lloyd webber, big maddy mac arrived roughly a year ago, shania twain and butch
i dunno loike, i cum from fethard and i'm as bowald and sum people say im a big cunt-faced cowboy!

by dan-martin May 25, 2008
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