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another name for money, as in cheese or cheddar
don't mess with my feta
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
a goats cheese that tastes well nice. originally from greece.
i am going to have feta cheese in my salad.
by LatinaKaterina November 17, 2004
A type of cheese from a goat, often found in the popular Greek salad. It's life partner is the black olive and together the have a child which some say looks like mashed-up feta and olives, but really is so much more than that!
Olive: I'm feeling rather randy
Feta: as am I.
by Blackington September 12, 2006
an acronym meaning Fuck EveryThing Alive. Mostly used as an exclamation when angry or frustrated.
*stubs toe on step* "FETA!"
by J000999 June 28, 2014
A feminine male that is not quite metro.
He's a feta, he has female mannerisms.
by coyasun May 27, 2009
a slang for speed/amFETAmin
yo do you got any feta
by jesper12 November 11, 2006
A man who is cheesy
A man who is great
A man who has stolen my heart
Almost a moment too late.

A man who is sweet
A man who is kind
A man who makes me
Always wanna blow his mind.

A man who is gentle
A man who is sincere
A man who has the hottest
Amazingly squeezable rear.

A man who isnt afraid
To shout to the world
"She is the one I want.
I am so in love with this girl."

Feta is only one man
And a perfect one no doubt
And cheesy is what he is

He is what love is all about.
Christopher, you are my Feta.
by PixelGoddess September 27, 2010