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FetLife is a social networking website that serves to people who are interested in BDSM, Fetishism and Kink. It's very similar to Facebook and MySpace but it's mostly run by kinksters instead.

FetLife was launched in early 2008 by this guy name John Baku, who was pretty much frustrated by his attempts to find women who had the same fetishes as he did, SO he created a dating website called 'peoplewithfetishes' which eventually became an online community, known as Fetlife.

This is a members only site, so you have to sign up. (it's free though) and basically once a member you could create a personal profile and list which fetishes you're into and curious about. You can also upload/view pictures and videos, including explicit ones that are often rejected by other sites. And you can write journal entries called Writings, and send and receive private messages called Conversations with other members.

There's also groups where people form events, conventions, parties, workshops; all in which people RSVP to attend and meet other members. It's pretty interesting and really cool. I personally have an account just cause I'm naturally drawn to that subculture though not enough to make me want to participate in it.
=Online Chat=

lonelymasochist: Hey, I just posted up a new picture on FetLife from last week's party.

nastydominatrax: Cool, which one? The one of all of us, dressed in leather while were humping the statue?

lonelymasochist: Lol, no but I should post that one up on FetLife now that you remind me. But I'm talking about the one where I'm rimming your butt while the dark master is spanking you.

nastydominatrax: Ohhh! Yeah. I'm gonna check it out right now.
by spunkychick October 27, 2010

A place where predominantly middle aged, middle class sex-offenders and creepers go to try and get the attention of much younger "Kinky & Popular" girls by trying to convince them how well respected and important on the 'scene' they are. Often plowing huge amounts of effort into obscuring their Freudian desire to fiddle with their daughter. Declaring themselves an authority on something which they might have read a bit about on the internet... Or go to extreme lengths of setting up either "teaching" workshops or Munch events which are a thin cover for their attempted sexual predation. There are approximately ten thousand of them for every genuine female on the site. The genuine females are often professional models, web-cammers or running a fetish related business. There are often comical flame wars of who is the domliest dom where they will compare themselves to famous characters including: Thor, Manson, Buckowski, Captain, any "Lord" or "Sir". Whilst there have been notable cases of real rapists and murderers there, most are fortunately low level 'sex offenders' including the site owner himself who famously sexually assaulted a site member when vulnerable, against her express instruction.
If you don't see enough guys pretending like they aren't trying to get laid on Facebook, then Fetlife is the place for you, it's a cornucopic car crash of psychiatric disorders over there.
by RapeyMcRaperton October 09, 2014
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