A word to describe someone who is neither fit nor fat.
She's not hot. She's kinda fet, but not fat.

Ohmigod, I'm getting fet!
by kaina December 14, 2004
Fried Egg Tits

Tits that look more like two eggs, sunny side up (so to speak) than actual tits.
Do you remember the Tonya Harding video?

All I can remember are the FETs
by Jeff Lebowski June 09, 2004
A word to use when you cant think of an insult for someone, usually for a chik.
Chik1:I hate that chik she's such a,a,a.......
Chik2: She's a fukin fet
by #1Milkshaker July 28, 2004
fatality erodes togetherness
Most of us hate going to funerals as they remind us that fet
by CriostoirHulme August 06, 2005

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