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Sometime stands for Fetish, in some stories/fanfiction.
Warnings: B-Mod, BDSM, Bond, Fet, Slave
by Izaki May 14, 2010
Commonly used in some parts of the UK to refer to amphetamines.
Mike: 'you up for getting some fet tonight mate?'

Dan: 'yeah man'
by Raindance Rob November 10, 2010
A movie that is critically/objectively bad, but also manages to be popular and "good". It is so bad it's somehow good.
Logan's Run is fet.
by Exam Conflict November 08, 2014
a variant of "fat", which means:
1) noun: the lumps and rolls on a large person's body
2) verb: to be large and possess lumps and rolls
Al: No, Ryan's like a flying squirrel.
Me: He's too fet to even fly.
Al: They just hover.
Me: He's too fet to even hover.
by braindoo February 14, 2005
Verb. fet, fetted, fetting.
1. To know someone through social media connections without ever having met in person, and without the other person necessarily knowing who you are.

Adjective. fettered.
To be in a mixed state of flattery and disgust following the admission by another person that they have fet you.

Australian. Derivative of "facebook met". (French, fete; Latin Latin fētidus)
Daz at the street lights: "Erin? Hi, we've fet before"
Erin dashing across the street when the lights change: "I'm so fucking fettered right now"

I spent the afternoon fetting peeps.
by renai September 01, 2012
Fried Egg Tits

Tits that look more like two eggs, sunny side up (so to speak) than actual tits.
Do you remember the Tonya Harding video?

All I can remember are the FETs
by Jeff Lebowski June 09, 2004
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