A Fesh is a male who plays sport as if he were a proffessional athlete. But in reality he is really just a try-hard wanker.
*Look at Paul, playing like his all Fesh.
*Paul is a Fesh.
by The 79 January 13, 2009
Top Definition
The plural form of fish according to some girl who lives in marlboro
by Wer D nA August 27, 2008

1. Fesh (pronounced "Fee-ish") is a group or "school" of new starters within a new work place or group.

Also can be referred to as "Fresh meat", Fesh are simply cold hearted money stealing cretins.

It is often joked about by the "Old and wise", these being the current works men. The works men have copy-rights to use tridents, moon-shine and straw. This allows the Trident straw eating moonshine drinkers to "F**k Sheet Up".
Example one:
Hey Marge, get my shotguuuun, da feeeeesh is here.

Exmaple two:
Let's reel in da feeshy bois

Hey Malfoy look, it's thaa Fesh
by shmittykins September 24, 2013
The act or state of being professional in an specific area, task, or occupation.
When my sister was taking that picture, she was so fesh.
by CrazyKaiteP June 23, 2011
The shortening of the word Professional. Often used by the extreme sports culture.
"That 360 was so fesh"
by Bofe1234 January 21, 2008
To run away from girls because you are afraid to talk to them.
Why does Fesh fesh all the time?
by Bob Saget January 27, 2003
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