just a sport car that make people proud to own it.
check out my ferrari, bitch!
by Charles August 02, 2003
Probably the best looking cars ever made, but doller for doller compared to other super cars, not necessarily the best, but still damn good.
by Dean March 23, 2003
One of the greatest Sports Car company ever to be made. Too bad no one can ever afford them
A)Shit that Ferrari is fast
B)Well, for spending $300,000, it should be pretty quick
by SteveF March 20, 2003
more than you can afford
ayo kid, dont even think about buying those shoes, that shit is ferrari
by dfa February 16, 2004
ferrari black aka black child aka ramel gill (murder inc
how u call urself ferrari
by tobio June 04, 2004
A ferrarizzle, my nizzle! The bestizzle carrizzle in the worldizzle!
Izzle havizzle a ferrarizzle enzoliolo!
by Snop August 24, 2004
ummm let's seee

PROLLY THE BEST CAR EVER MADE CUZ IT'S ITALIAN SO YEA, ANYTHING MADE BY ITALIANS own yall cuz we're awsome nd smart. nd u guys wish u were italian. but nope...TRY AGAIN.

HAHAHAHAH...enzo ferrari<33

haha siete tutti gelosi perche' noi italiani facciamo le cose migliori al mondo!!
that ferrari is freaggin awesome

i wish i had a ferrari.

wow! ANOTHER italian beauty!
by mrs_scolfield January 11, 2006

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