A car most people talk smack about, but can never afford.
- my Chevy can go 0-60 in 3 seconds!
- Yeah, but I drive a Ferrari
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
Penis extension for the sexually inadequate male. Long, red, throbs... Ferraris are so phallic.
I tried viagra, ginseng, spanish fly and they all failed, so I bought a Ferrari instead.
by fubarderby March 04, 2005
A car company that has its head up its arse.
got your ferrari fxx yet?
they wot give it to me. its bullshit
by funkyjunior August 14, 2009
awsome car that goes like two hundred MPH and costs like six hundred thousand dollars
hey bill gates what are you driving to the microsoft partay?
"oh nuthing just my ferrari"
by bravens666 November 12, 2007
Good, is somewhat over-rated Italian speed jockies. Ferrari is the worlds' most famous marque, due to the domination of motorsport.

Many low-end ferrari's are prone to rattling above 40mph, and price related performance is low, especially when you think that on-paper performance can be equalled by souping up many roadsters.

This is redeemed, however, by the fact that Ferraris have a great ride, sublime handling and marvelous movement.
Ferrari 250 GTO is teh R0xxxxxR2.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
A once great sports car manufacturer, whos cars used to be beautiful and have wonderful engines. Now their current cars: the 612 Scaglietti, 599 GTB Fiorano and F430 coupe and spider, are hideously ugly, but still have amazing engines. They were once the best sports car manufacturer in the world, now they have resorted to electronics and the title of the best sports car goes to Pagani, a manufacturer of a very rare beautiful car the Zonda F.
The Pagani Zonda F is much more exclusive, exquisite and better looking than any Ferrari. Ferraris are just for new money who want to show off they have money, so wont go for something truly unique.
by matt2 March 09, 2007
Popular North Eastern United States Independent Manager - Manages Marc Mandrake.
Ferrari is the greatest manager in New York State, if not the whole North East, if not the US, if not the world.
by Hall Monitor Suze May 06, 2005

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