The best, and only the best.
I don't care what ANYONE else thinks, Ferrari > Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Chevy(ish), Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, and anything else you think of.

by Fryd December 12, 2010
An italian word, which means, roughly translated into english: "needs a little extra oomph with the ladies". Although a small minority of ferrari drivers actually do what these cars are meant to do (race 'em), most are goofy playboys who thank god that most modern ferraris are offered with "sport automatic" transmission options, because they don't know how to drive stick anyway. These knuckleheads can also often be found bragging about the stats of the cars found on paper, even though they never had the gonads to actually verify those stats themselves. Those who want to go balls-to-the-wall fast AND are confident in thier sexuality skip right over ferraris and lambos and go straight to thier local lotus dealer, or, for those with HUGE bollacks, purchase an ariel atom. They then proceed to pocket the extra 200k they would have dropped on a ferrari and laugh at cock-boy with his automatic modena.
a ferrari will get swallowed whole by an ariel atom. its just a shame that the ferrari fanboy will be left in the dust, and the atom driver will recieve mad women who are impressed with his insane fortitude and driving skill.
by Mac Sauce October 28, 2006
Bella Macchina. the perfect automobile blending superb stability and handling, mind numbing performance and the finest craftsmanship in one helluva looking car. With the exception of a few duds, every prancing horse to come out of maranello just backs up the name. the driver of the ferrari should be an enthusiast who truly appreciates the car as a performance machine, but since its inception, the market for the ferrari has seen buyers who buy the car simply to flaunt the yellow badge around town. these people should have it confiscated and given a bentley or a maserati.

notable models include all the 250s (GTO), 365, 308s (288 GTO), 512TR, 355, 360 CS, 430+scuderia, 575, 599, 612, F40, F50, enzo, 458, 458, 458, 355 challenge, not the new california (the V8 is where??) and no models ending with the letters XX as they are simply over hyped bullshit cars that look like i dont even know what.
Yuppie cunt: Hey i just bought the new California, its so cool and its a convertible.

Ferrari purist: Fuck your mother, the engine is missing 4 cylinders and its ass is one of a female negro. Buy a real ferrari like a 355 or something
by The Bear Jew. January 06, 2010
Fast sports race car type. Beautiful, sexy. Multinational sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari road cars are generally seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth.
by Italian Style April 11, 2013
A nickname given to ones own cheaper, stock standard automobile, that is clearly not a Ferrari.
Guy to friend: Hey, where did you park the Ferrari?
by poor car guy July 08, 2012
A high quality variant of a particular item in which great pride is taken, but is never used for its intended purpose.
My mum has a Ferrari pair of scissors.
by smarttdj March 01, 2010
Italian product often used by people suffering from the s.p.s. (small penis syndrome).
by Anonymous August 11, 2003

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