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Full name - Salvatore Ferragamo
A kick-ass Italian designer brand. Theire products include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, eye-wear and perfume.
Ferragamo is known for its prestige and top-of-the-range quality
Salvatore Ferragamo began its line in mid '20s
by He's the boxman September 25, 2006
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An italian shoemaker who discovered his talent at the age of nine after making a pair of shoes for his sisters to wear to their confirmation. He immigrated to the United States in 1914 and eventually moved to Hollywood where he became one of the most influential and innovative shoe designers the world has ever seen.
Ferragamo is known for designing dorothea's ruby slippers in the 1939 version of "the wizard of oz."
by esme_squalor January 13, 2007
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An adjective used to describe someone or something that is available, or in other words, is "fair game".
Dorion: "Yo check out the new chick! She's pretty hot!"
Nick: "Aww hellz. She got a mans?"
Dorion: "Nah bro, she's ferragamo"
Nick: "Nice...imma beat dat"
by NG $tyLeZ November 01, 2010
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