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A beautiful girl with colorful eyes, wonderful laugh and a bit weird. A girl who loves Islam and hates judgmental people!! Loves to laugh a lot and likes giraffes. Someone who adores her friends and never takes them for granted. Has a big enough heart to fit the world in and a few other planets. Loves her family to death. Also, works like crazy and likes to buy expensive stuff like a Fendi Watch.
1) "Woah you like giraffes? you must be a ferra!"

person 1: "Man someone stole my expensive jewelry last night"
person 2: "want me to ferra it for you? you can pay me back later".

person 1: "Wow I worked 18 hours today!"
person 2: "OMG you are totally ferra!"
by I Love Ferra!! December 09, 2010
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Is that Ferras of the north side? Man that boy is raw.
by Veracruz Cartel September 01, 2013
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