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A tourist magnet located on Amelia Island on the very Northeast corner of Florida.

Best known by visitors for its beautiful beaches, the annual Shrimp Festival, the annual Concourse D'Elegance, the Amelia Island Plantation, The Ritz-Carlton, and the quaint shopping and restaurants in the older downtown area.

Termed "The Dirty Dina" by many locals for the widespread use of drugs and alcohol, and also for the rampant, ever expanding, and interconnected sexual activities among peers and/or randoms.
Visitor: "Fernandina Beach is so beautiful. I love it!"

Local: "Damn Dirty Dina!"
by A local June 15, 2008
1. The City of Fernandina Beach is located on beautiful Amelia Island, in the northeast corner of Florida along the Atlantic Coast.

With many cultural and leisure activities, community groups, and an excellent golf course and marina, we offer something for the entire family. We invite you to visit and see for yourself!
Lets go to Fernandina Beach to get some shark's teeth!
by Russell Wickless June 11, 2008
A beautiful place only to visit it has no jobs no affordable places to live and is over run with drug and alcohol abuse. it is filled with rich snobby tourists and willing hot underage girls( see prostitots ) many celebs like to hide here during thier vacation time not to name any cause we cant chase them away, sadly we need their money too much.
wow this is a beautiful place honey we should move to Fernandina beach (husband pulling face out of young girls clevage) yeah honey just tell the butler to make arangements and to find us a house
by i_ride_a_duc April 23, 2009
a tourist attraction where people drink a lot and do drugs.
a place with a lot of hillbillies who say "y'all" and rich people with inherited money.
look at those druggies!!! we must be in Fernandina Beach!!
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
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