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Fun loving people who enjoy singing, drinking and making love. A passionate person who loves to show off
God! Its no fun unless you've met a Fernandes
by free willed December 04, 2011
The fernande is most commonly know as where the crust of a pizza meets its cheese and tomato topping.
My Tom, That was some good fernande there (can also be known as a fernande ring, or an F-ring)
by Paul July 23, 2004
Noun: A homosexual union consisting of a large white man and a smaller, submissive Asian man. Note: Can also be used to describe a heterosexual union between a large white man and a smaller asian woman by adding the term "reverse" before the word.

Verb: To violate or dirty in an especially sneaky or painful manner.
Noun: The gay pride parade was especially full of leather-clad fernandes. Or: John Lennon and Yoko Ono are a great example of a reverse fernandes.

Verb: He sure fernandesed the bathroom...I can't believe that the leather couch withstood such a fernandesing...His anus will never be the same after the fernandesing he received.
by Junmaster November 20, 2006
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