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1. The spelling of the sound heard when you or someone else flatulates or farts, particularly when it is prolonged or sounding more comical than an average ejection of gases.

2. The word also can be used to express disdain about or dejection toward an unfavorable circumstance or event; its effectiveness in this use is amplified by saying the word with a tone similar to the way a fermpt sounds. The more heinous and audacious the fermpt, the more jaded, displeased and absurd the tone when used to express derision or discontent. More of the same letters in the word can and should be strung together to elongate it the event that the fermpt is especially absurd, pungent or in itself extended.

3. Can also be used in place of the "f" word or perhaps even other obscenities.
"FERRRRRMMMPPPPPTTT!!!" (An elongated fermpt originating from someone's body.)

"Fermpt!" (A brief, but zesty, fermpt as emitted from someone's body.)

"Hey, man - I can't make it tonight; I've got to work late," said Joe. "Fermpt!" Bill responded.

"Ten bucks to go and see a movie? Fermpt that!" Mark angrily expressed.

"What the fermpting fermpt is going on here?" Tom asked upon realizing he was stuck in a very dense traffic jam.

"She left me - she said she was in love with someone else," Matt despondently said. "... fermpt her," Will muttered.

"FERMMMPPPT!" (A medium-length fermpt from someone's body.)

"Ferrrmpttt." (Somewhat of a muffled fermpt from someone's body.)
by kinginthecastle May 06, 2011
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