1. Ferk. Ferking. Ferker. Slightly softer and comical alternative for "fuck.

2. Apparently a tribe on Dungeons and Dragons.

Origins not known, but probably made up by myself in a drunken stupor and didn't exist until I posted it here. :-)
Ferk you you ferking ferker.

Shut the ferk up.

I'm gonna ferk that cumslut until she implodes.

Joo is a ferking ha><0r.
by Revol77 September 29, 2004
It means fu*kin and jerks put together.
Man that guy is a ferk!
by i hate immature guys July 23, 2004
Verb; ferk, ferked, ferker, ferking, to ferk.

To go through someone's possessions confined within a space, such as a drawer or a bag.
'Why are you ferking through my drawers?'
'I need to ferk through your cupboards'
'I caught him ferking through all my drawers'
'I ferked through her handbag, but I only found tampons'
by LoR-x- November 16, 2011
fucking jerk. usually used in front of parents to hide the real meaning of the term
Oh magawd man, my boss is a ferk!
by Kello? October 23, 2011
Ferks means whatever you want it to. No-one knows the true meaning of a Ferks but the person who said it.
What the Ferks? How is your Ferks today?
by Grandad Ferks July 01, 2009
a f*cking jerk
some dude just knocked my books on the gound! he was a total ferk.
by 2smartone(: September 09, 2010
a nerd who's also a freak, a ferk
man, you're such a ferk!
by em4rc January 01, 2009

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