A small, annoying, high pitched creature
Hey, look at that fergus whining on his rusty trombone
by saxfiend February 07, 2010
Top Definition
1. Demigod: a person with great powers and abilities.
2. Devine Human-Being with Godlike features. ie. Chiseled jaw, blonde hair, blue eyes, defined abdominal muscles and broad-shoulders.
3. A masculine given name.

Meaning: "Of Manly Strength" and "virility"

Origin: Ireland, Mt. Olympus, 'The Heavens'.

Reference: Ancient Greek History, Gods Amongst Us, Irish Legend.
Quotes of Ancient Greek Literature as recalled by the U.S Department of History...

Aphrodite: "Fergus has the gift of all attraction, his creation fabricated through all things desireable in perfected balance and purified."

Zeus: "Fergus is the substance of Mount Olympus. He shall forever be part of what Olypian men are made of".

Hercules: "Fergus, my brother" Ref. Unknown.
by Prof. Sara Lee Silberman September 15, 2008
Fergus, often mistaken for Hercules and sometimes even Zeus, was the "Brad Pitt' of the Godly Universe.
Hercules: "Fergus, my brother, teach me how." (It is uncertain as to whether hercules and Fergus really were brothers or not. Most-likely not).
by Allison Stokke September 15, 2008
noun: a clearly masculine male who epitomises what it is to sport asymetrical, yet laerge, testicles.
"i heard his testicles are asymetrical, but apparantly the right makes up for the left and i would sure rather a fergus as captain then a weak-willy-will"
by iamthefalcon August 14, 2008
Literally the most gorgeous man on the planet - without exception.
"You know, he's good looking but he's no Fergus!"
by squishy_wishy August 02, 2013
When you avoid paying your share of a bill by leaving early, typically claiming illness
I am a bit thinned off this month, i'll have to do a Fergus
by alleycat3 May 21, 2015
noun: a clearly masculine male who epitomises what it is to sport asymetrical, yet large, testicles.
Rhys: "out of all the captain candidates only one of them is a real fergus"

Aaron: "what are the chances he would fill such a specific catagory..... and how do you know about his testicles?"

Rhys: "......."
by iamthefalcon August 14, 2008
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