Somebody claiming to be a rampant stud and a heavy boozer on the internet but who is in fact about 12.
"dude, have you seen this guy?! He went out on a three day binge and says condoms are too tight for him!"

"Sorry bro, you've been merked. He's a fergal. I've got his myspace here, he's only 12 years old."
by Piotrish May 12, 2007
New age cocky rhyming slang
fergal sharky = darkie

so you abbriviate the word to fergal so they dont have a scooby what your on about therefore getting away with it
east london is full of fergal's

oi you fergal come here and clean my shoe

im sweating like a fergal on a rape trial
by fergal hunter January 06, 2007
A sweet, funny, kind, gentle, light-hearted guy who's quiet when you first meet him, but as you get to know him unleashes his wild side. If you have a Fergal in your life don't let him go and keep him close. The best male to grace the world, according to several ancient sources.
Girl: Wow that guy is really quiet.
Other Girl: You never know, he could just be a Fergal.
by TheMainLad March 15, 2013
(noun)a person that moans excessively
(verb)to moan excessively
-That guy is fergalling it up big style today.
-Jeez, he's being a bit of a fergal today, isn't he?
by Furious George March 28, 2004
the big ass irish biatch
he is such a fergal.
by rich the l33t March 11, 2004

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