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Definition 1) A style of drunken hillbilly dancing, or a place in which said activity takes place.

Definition 2) A spastic jerky dance one does when overcome with emotion to show excitement or approval.

Definition 3) A style of drinking so ferocious and feared that individuals partaking in said drinking style may wake up the next day not remembering events from the night before. Outlawed in most states, Fercrunking is slowly on the rise!
Example Sentence 1: After a few shots, Charleen was fercrunkin' all over the bed of Joe Don's pickup truck!

Example Sentence 2: Emilio was so fercrunkin' after seeing Showgirls live in Vegas!

Example Sentence 3: "What's with the Ferret hat Jerome?" "Man I gots no clue, we wuz fercrunkin' last night!"
by PirateTownOK March 27, 2010

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