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Adj. Somebody Who Tags Along With A Person/Group Of Friends, Who Do Not Want Him There, He/She Either Is Too Talkative or Does Not Say A Word.

Originated From The Character 'Ferb' From 'Phineas and Ferb' Who Seems To Say One Line An Episode And Just Stands There.
Bob: Who Went To The Party Last Night?
Knob: Joe, Jessica, Jeff, Jennifer, Oh Yeah And Jack Ferb-ed.
Bob: Oh God, Who Invited Him
Knob: No-One, The F**king Ferb Heard About It On FaceBook.
by MartinColes July 31, 2009
A person who farts in the bathtub water and bites the bubbles.
That guy Sean....he's a fuckin' Ferb
by know the toe September 19, 2003
Flaming Red Butthole: Term applies to a mean and verbally aggressive individual you are exposed to, but cannot find instant relief from due to circumstances beyond your control.
1. A FeRB is a pissed off driver of the vehicle in which you are a passenger on a long road trip who constantly picks a fight and irritates you.

2. A FeRB is a big brother/sister who constantly aggravates and intimidates a younger sibling.
by Schnauzers Incorporated November 05, 2011
a fucking herb, all in one word
"Big Joel rolled up to the party with a 6-pack of Zima...what a ferb."

examples include: joe wolff, duncan phillips, and brady quinn
by Fandy May 10, 2007
Adj. Somebody Who Tags Along With A Person/Group Of Friends, Who Do Not Want Him There, Usually a total douche and one who thinks highly of himself/herself.
daniel and stevie brought two escort girls in a rented pimped out former (the combination of a ford escape and hummer together) to show off to their friends. They were from that day on know as ferbs.
by thetruthbknown January 26, 2010
A guy who is both a faggot and a herb, all rolled into one
Neil is such a ferb. i hate the way he prances around the office, laughing at all the fat women's jokes.
by Slacker March 27, 2004