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Reckless, often ruthless children. Typically the product of a bad mother, especially a mother who engages in bi-polar parenting.
That mother engaged in bi-polar parenting; it's no surprise that she has raised a slew of feral children.
by The Mind Surgeon August 09, 2011
A person who has never learned basic social behaviors and is ignorant of the world because he/she has lived in social isolation as a child.

see "wild child"
Viktor and Genie are famous historical feral children
by thecarcass54 October 19, 2006
a child abandoned by parents to be reared in the wilderness by wild animals. rarely exhibits normal social behaviors, especially displaying inappropriate sexual behaviors toward the feline species.
No amount of defensive arguing will convince me that kathy shavings is not a feral child, seeing as the last time i went to her "house," her mom chased me away barking.
by ps stomp October 21, 2011
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