Furry artwork that is not anthro. Feral furry art is furry art drawn to look more like the actual animal. Versus anthro which is an animal with human characteristics
"Have you seen that Feral fox porn on FurAffinity?"

"No, I try to only look at only Anthro porn on FurAffinity"
by BeautifulDragoness February 02, 2013
Or fezza. Member of 90's subculture typified by dreadlocks, tam tam drums, red eyes, often ripped and dirty clothes, piercings, loud hair colours.

Into doof (rave) music. Would not be seen dead in a suit. Likes to live off others, while criticising them for being yuppies. Aspires to live naturally and environmentally-soundly.

Not shy about nakedness.

Paganism is often an aspiration.

Judgemental of anyone not like them. See hippycrite

Maybe only an Australian term.
She's not careless- she's like that intentionally. She's a fezza.
by blugirl January 27, 2005
The worst kind of pikey council white trash
I say, dont you think Chantelle from BB is just feral all dressed up.
by Pete of London July 03, 2006
Female, similar to a puma but still has to refine her tactics. Often watches sex in the Cityand repeats what they say in real life. The type of girl you don't bring home to meet your mother, the type gets drunk and asks to sleep over and that leaves scratches on your back just to mess you up with your current girlfriend. Potential puma, or cougar but definitely a future golddigger
Usage: yeap that girl is no puma she is just feral.

Common Annie Magus: I am a modern independant woman, but I expect to be treated like a princess... do you want a blowjob now?

other words that can be similar to feral : skank, slut, white liver, hell on someone elses wheels, devil in a dress (that is too 2 sizes to small), suburban trash.
by David Seaton June 10, 2004
Post punk / hippy subculture, which started in the early 90's. Ferals became involved in enviromental protests in Australia, USA, the UK, and Canada, support "Food not Bombs" as well as well as similar and related issues. Dreadlocks, piercings, black tribal tattoos. Proponents include Chumbawumba in the UK, and Mutiny in Australia.
"Get a job, ya bloody whinging feral greenie bastard"
by Luke Bunyip October 07, 2007
1. Excellent.
2. Wild.
3. Amazing.
4. A freak or wierdo.
That chick I sleep with last night was way into bondage. Man, she was a total feral.
by Violette Rose-Jones April 01, 2008
to go disscusting
mate you smell feral
by kassandra servinis September 08, 2007

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