Post punk / hippy subculture, which started in the early 90's. Ferals became involved in enviromental protests in Australia, USA, the UK, and Canada, support "Food not Bombs" as well as well as similar and related issues. Dreadlocks, piercings, black tribal tattoos. Proponents include Chumbawumba in the UK, and Mutiny in Australia.
"Get a job, ya bloody whinging feral greenie bastard"
#enviromentalism #subculture #punk #hippy #protest
by Luke Bunyip October 07, 2007
Top Definition
Poorly dressed, spoken and educated people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. (See also Chav,Bogun,Trailer Trash)
Known for their prowess at stealing cars and their utter disregard of birth control options. In addition to an extremely high swear-word vocabulary, their children have constantly running noses, dirty faces and unkempt hair.
Those kids are such ferals - I just heard the 5 year old say "F#$k you, man!"
#trailer trash #bogun #chav #inbred #jerry springer #ferals
by GM July 10, 2006
A wild animal (with corresponding behavior) that used to be domesticated and tamed. To "de-domesticate".
I discovered a feral cow that had escaped from its farm years ago.
#animal #brutal #savage #wild #fierce
by The Agnostic Hippo January 08, 2012
Furry artwork that is not anthro. Feral furry art is furry art drawn to look more like the actual animal. Versus anthro which is an animal with human characteristics
"Have you seen that Feral fox porn on FurAffinity?"

"No, I try to only look at only Anthro porn on FurAffinity"
#furry #yiff #furaffinity #anthro #porn
by BeautifulDragoness February 02, 2013
Person or persons with tendency's towards relaxed freedom of thought, bathing and other hygenic habits. A frequent desire to travel and seek less socially acceptable avenues of societal behaviour. Occasionally seen walking mangy dogs but mostly heard talking in groups about acid and other trancendental mind blowing drugs.
Many of my friends. Male. female. Other.
by Tabitha July 10, 2003
(n) Refers to human males who act like feral / wild animals; especially in reference to their sexual activity.
I just drove by the welfare office and there must be 500 women in line and 3000 children with them...what in the heck is up with that?

"Welcome to Houston, Texas ...those welfare hoes & their welfare babies are the result of all of the Ferals that run amok here."
#feral #wild animal #ghetto #barrio #sex #sex-obsessed #baby-hatchery #criminal-breeder #oversexed #over-sexed #perverts #rape #rapist #rapists #blacks #african americans #antonio cromartie
by mike49677 July 05, 2012
Unkempt, Unruly, Unmanagable child
When a child is left to their own devices too often they can be described as feral. They refuse to respond to the most simple command and can often be found in the neighbour but one's back yard, generally trying to playfully strangle the cat. A feral child has a tendence to appear unkempt, wear ill fitting clothes (usually of pastel colours). Can quite often be the child of a bogan.
#mangy #unkempt #grubby #unruly #unmanagable
by Wattsy December 22, 2005
Feral used to describe how people look, generally a very sexy dirty type of surfer / skater grungy guy. Can generally be spotted with Longish hair, a cigarette or tattoos
Wow look at that guy..
Damn he is so feral

Kelly uhh I love feral boys 'check'

Ugh dude I ripped my shorts again trying to land that new trick, chilled bro you look feral.
#grungy #dirty #hipster #skater #surfer
by Kelzjep October 20, 2013
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