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A Feral Cougar is a particularly aggressive and untamed strain of single women generally over the age of 35 who frequent clubs, supermarkets, and local events in order to score with a much younger man. Feral Cougars rarely sleep in the same place from night-to-night and often resort to scratching and clawing for a free meal if necessary. Even your every-day, garden variety Cougar can quickly come to resemble a Feral Cougar after a few too many Margarita’s or White Zinfandel’s, and often can resemble a Feral Cougar in looks, appetite, and appearance the day after a successful night of Cougaring. Feral Cougars are extremely adaptable, particularly cunning, and can be found in all extremes of latitude, longitude, wealth, and health.
Lets go somewhere else, the last time I was there an entire pack of Feral Cougars had taken over the bar.
by Daylorb August 27, 2009
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