an usually over weight person committing a shameless act of self-promotion
"what you pulled at my assembly was fucking ridiculus! you are such a fenton!"
by acdczombi May 16, 2009
A random fault in a long chain of DNA string of a male homesapien causes a Fenton to be born when the male mates. Fenton is effectively a modern day neaderthal man otherwise considered exstinct. He can be found roaming and foraging in the Woodhouse Eaves area. May approach if startled, suggest that the person does not make any loud noises or sharp movements or he will be confused into a mad 'Fenton Frenzy' as the local myth calls it.
(A Fenton reading an email)'Ugg Ugg why rock flashing!? Uh Me read email! Ugg
(Fenton playing Rugby) 'Why we throw dinosaur egg?! Ouh It ball, me eat ball, Meatball?
by TomTomUgg November 23, 2006
An Irish last name. Fentons are rare now but are just the greatest of people. They're hilarious people that care so much about other people. They are strong and independent. Don't mistake their kindness for weakness though because once you do they will get their revenge on you.
Very attractive people, typically tall with golden hair and gorgeous eyes. Love laughing and working hard for what they deserve.
"Hey, there's Fenton"
"Dude we should invite him to the party tonight!"
"He's already invited"
"Oh yeah of course! haha can't wait!"

"Aye she's cute"
"Yeah man but that's Fenton's sister!"
"That's awesome dude!"
"Yeah it is but be careful. Break her heart and we'll never see you again man"
by Khako October 20, 2014

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