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1. finger

First occurrence:

>be in pre-school
>have a girl who I sort of have a crush on
>have nap time every day
>one day during nap time I lay next to her
>neither of us sleep and I fenter her mouth the whole time
>after nap time go to play in a tent at the pre-school
>finger he mouth some more in there.
>do this many times
"I fentered her so hard!"
by HavoK December 13, 2012
A word used to describe anything sexual
Boy 1: I'm gonna get a blowy off my girl tonight dude
Boy 2: You mean a fenter?

Boy 1: Yeah bro
by Bryyyyyyyyyyy December 13, 2012
Any sexual act; mostly referring to fingering
Allow me to tell you a time of how I was unwillingly fentered.
by Anonmanmanmanman December 13, 2012
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