the awesomest sport in the WORLD which is awesome. it consists of 3 weapons : FOIL EPEE or SABRE! it is just the awesomest sport EVER!!!!
Person 1: I'm going to fencing

Person 2: Lucky, I wish i could be awesome and fence...
by hi hi :) January 31, 2010
a SPORT which includes 3 weapons, and saber is the best of the 3 since it's slapping, foil and epee are poking :p
"Yes fencing IS a sport," jake whispered to the girl.
by kuyl September 05, 2005
Fencing is the actions of the go between for a thief and buyer of the thief's stolen goods. The buyer may unwittingly buy stolen goods from a fence in yard sales, flea markets, through classified ads, or other traditional markets. A shrewed form of fencing is when the fencer poses as a fence for stolen goods and sells cheap illegal imitations of name brand goods at high prices under the pretence that they are more expensive legit versions.
Pawn shops are no longer very good for fencing since the persons selling to them are finger printed, and there is strict accounting of all the goods sold.
by mlhiss November 19, 2011
Everyone who says that fencing is for "fags," SHUT UP! A: stop being prejudiced against homosexuals! B: have you actually met fencers? Have you tried the SPORT (which IT IS) at all, or are you just sitting in front of your computer feeling superior?

I am a teenage girl. I am straight. I am a fencer. The best people I have ever met are fencers. Maybe some of them are gay, some are straight, but it doesn't matter. To be a good fencer, you have to be so physically and mentally strong. It takes years of hard work and commitment and dedication.

Think what you like, I really don't care, but keep it to yourself. Before you post something on this website again, make sure you actually know what you're talking about, okay?
Fencing should be taken seriously for the real sport that it is.
by fencers4life August 06, 2011
Doing sexual things with babes against a fence
I was fencing a chick last night it was dope.
by Fuzzyisagroovydude October 22, 2013
The three-fingered act of stimulating the Vagina and/or the Anus. Fencing is a two-person exercise, usually, but not always necessarily completed by a male to a female. The giver raises one hand into the air in a fencing motion to maximise stimulation and final climatic convulsion.
"Hey what was going on last night at the party?"
"I don't know but I walked in on Andy fencing Amy, I tell you that guy deserves a Gold Medal"

"Bro you should check out my fencing technique! If there were judges I'd get allllll 10s!"

"All riiiiiight"
by Creepy McFanta Lips May 28, 2013
When two men rub and glide their erect penises against one another as a sexual activity. Often done while at the same time french kissing. More commonly known as sword fighting.
Bob: "What are you, twelve years old? No gay guys don't have sex by rubbing their dicks together. They have anal sex...usually. I'm sure there's more to it than just that."

13 year old: "They also rub their dicks together. It's called fencing."

Bob: "I'm sure you know that from experience..."

13 year old: "Oh fuck you, Bob!"
by nickreaper September 03, 2012

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