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A girl that is ideal because she is similar enough to you to marry but culturally, mentally or physically different and is not connected to your group of friends or local community . She is usually hotter, smarter and a lot less maintenance than the usual girls you date.
If you want some new blood in your group, you should date a fencer.
by ArtofAwesome February 20, 2012
A term given to a person/people engaged in Male homosexual behavior in which the two gentlemen are using their male parts as swords in sexual battle against each other with very arousing results.

See Verb--Fencing
Did you meet Steve? He is a total fencer.
by MrSmarts1986 November 20, 2010
n. Can be used to describe a male or a female. For women it often means a slore and for men it usually means a horney jerk.

This comes from a story about a highschool that had a fence in the back where it's students would go to behave innapropriately. The female would put their backs to the fence and then grip the fence with their hands, the idea was for the guys to basically molest the girls who had come up against the fence.
Now it can be used to describe any slutty girl or jerk-off male.
Person One: "Dude, she's slept with nearly every guy in our group!"

Person Two: "Fucking dirty fencer."
by ParadiseCity May 29, 2005
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