Slang synonym for "cool", used to describe an event, an object, a person, or a feeling.
(Event): "That concert was the fence!"
(Object): "That canary yellow blouse looks so fence on you!"
(Person): "You're fence."
(Feeling): "I felt on top of the fence on that stage!"
by "Boots" February 14, 2008
-short for when Mike said, "I'd like to see that bitch, Mary, bent over a fence while a horse fucks her."
-good, dope, clutch
-can be substituted for "thanks"
"Heh, that's fence."
"Happy Fencegiving"
"Fence for stopping by."
"Fence, line 1, line 1 is for FENCE."
by cheezdribble December 01, 2006

Comes from shortening the phrase "Intense like an electric fence."
Man, that fight was fence.
by Mike Kickass April 16, 2006
Cool, Phat, Good.
That new album is totally fence.
by Superguy November 06, 2003

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