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Extremely crazy fat assed man that has hair like the 60s Incredible Hulk
Wow look at that Fena (When you see a man in a wheelchair).
by mungboy1 November 09, 2003
8 23

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to set in order or to get ready
I'm fena busa cap in your ass you keep pushing up on me!
by Slick T September 02, 2005
23 9
1) To plan on doing (something)

2) To prepare to do (something)

Most likely derived from the colloquial, "I'm fixing to," or "I'm feelin' to" (do something).

Also used as "fen to"
"Yo, this little light o' mine, I fena let it shine." -Kanye West
by Matt Culbreth December 07, 2006
19 8