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Meaning sexy good looking every body wants it
I want Femke so baaaad
by Dominatrix December 10, 2004
86 18
Femke means girl or woman
Hello there, just want to say my name is Femke and I like to know if there more girls/woman with the same name. Just curious and like to fing out how many Femke's there are in the world. That's all and nothing more. So please send me an e-mail and let me know where you're from. I'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Bye and Doei,
by Femke August 20, 2006
55 17
very hot
wow she is like so femke
by asasdsasdfghjklqw June 23, 2010
29 7
femke a girl hu goes on my bus. she is dutch.very small.
does very annying impression. especially with georgia.
play gerda in the snow queen
OLi: omg fem u smell
by ozzyolz January 11, 2008
26 32
A small penis that cannot even get laid by other Homosexuals.
Eww your a Femke, i dont want to use you!!Bye.
by Kimberly June February 22, 2005
18 25
A feminine bastard that does mediocre tech support and has a chode. May sometimes get rashes in the armpit and groin from too much axe.
femke: "thanks for calling support.. can i have your login id?"

Customer: " Fuck! i got the femke!"
by mike January 17, 2004
15 31