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Pronounced "FEM-ee-pissed. A state of unwarranted malice towards any action, situation or state of mind that appears even remotely tilted towards masculinity. Almost solely exhibited in women (Joss Whedon being the only major male example).
Just because I want to help you and protect you sometimes doesn't mean I think you're a damsel in distress. You don't have to get all femipissed about it!
by Didymus7 November 08, 2007
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A nonsensical term used to discredit those who dare speak out against gender inequality.

Since (white) men have a disproportionately large share of economic, political, and social power, all actions, situations or states of mind are biased toward men's interests.

As a result, all women should be "femipissed" 24/7.

Research however conducted in the relative-deprivation tradition confirms the "paradox of the contented female” (Crosby, 1982, p. 12) which demonstrates that women are subjectively more satisfied with their objectively less privileged lives. (Graham & Welbourne, 1999; Jackson, 1989; Jackson et al., 1992).
Men have all the power and privilege. Yet, when women demand that men share these privileges, men try to discredit their legitimate demands by calling those women "femipissed."
by The Happy Humanist July 28, 2010
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