The substance that is produced after man on man, or man on woman, anal sex-without a condom. Also known as: Shum.
After a night of ass rogering, I filled the toilet with femen.
by Steve Strong January 23, 2006
Top Definition
A mixture of feces and semen. When hardened, is stronger than diamond. Sometimes refered to as Seces.
Hobo: "My penis is covered in femen after that dirty anal sex."

Guy: "You got femen in my peanut butter."
Flatulent party Guest: "No, you got peanut butter in my femen!"
Beautiful Bridesmaid: "Wait, you're BOTH right!"

Poor Woman: "Of all the things that keep me up at night, femen is definitely the stickiest."
by Muffin Salazar September 12, 2007
A hetereosexual male with feminine charicteristics. Crying while watching chick flicks, The OC, The Bachelor, or James Blunt performances are all charicteristics of the feman. Femen may masquerade as musicians, playhwrites, or models. Feman are usually wine experts. The typical feman owns a pair of high end jeans (7s, Deisel, etc.) and dresses in vintage clothing. Femen also lack muscle tone.

Femen are passive aggressive, but will never engage in a physical conflict. A feman would urinate in someone's living room during a party, but when confronted would apologize and do anything to avoid a physical altercation.
Blake do you have to pre-party for the Golden Globes? You are such a Feman!


When Justin Timerlake got Punk'd he was a total Feman. He just let the IRS guys break his stuff and started crying.
by IsaacN January 29, 2006
a feminist group most guys search up for bare titties
guy 1: some bitches in femen are hot.
guy2: Femen?
guy1: porn on the streets
by Delta Damag September 02, 2016
A female with facial or bodily male characteristics
Why you with that fe-man yo?

khloe kardashian, sarah jessica parker, china
by Vangelic Surgeon December 07, 2011
Female sexual discharge; vaginal fluid
I went to finger her, but she was already so hot with femen that I just went ahead and fucked her brains out!
by Anonymous December 03, 2002
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