1. a type of double nigger that can be found in groups of over 9000.
2. idunnolol
3. no girls on the internets. gb2/kitchen/
Anon 1: Is that you, Femanon?
Anon 2: No, that's a double nigger.
Anon 3: No, it's a girl!
Anon 2: WTF no girls on teh internets! TITS OR GTFO!
Common Misspellings: trap
by An Onn February 05, 2008
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1.) A word of 4chan origin referring to the hypothetical female members of "Anonymous" (or "Anon" for short) community (which is a contradiction because according to 4chan "there are no women on the internet")
2.) a demeaning word for feminists. Synonymous in usage to feminazi
Hey femanons:
You will never be as cute as Rika (typical usage)
by An0n9001 September 23, 2010

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