Fe·ma ('fE-mä)n 1: a steaming pile of feces 2: a U.S. government agency used to cause chaos in any emergency situation 3: mother of all clusterfucks
George W. Bush femarized the nation once again with his femarated decision to appoint a failed horse show manager to run FEMA.
by Cynical C September 07, 2005
Find Every Mexican Available

- George Lopez
News Reporter: Yesterday there was a massive flood in the Mississippi Valley, so the federal government has brought in FEMA to help in the rebuilding process.

(two days later)

News Reporter: This just in, Spanish is now the official language of the states surrounding the Mississippi Valley.
by bloodthug June 17, 2008
Fuck Everyone Mainly African-Americans
I know FEMA send dat hurricane. Him and that Dick Cheney.
by Carlos Thomas June 25, 2007
Government Agency despised by people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
FEMA isn't a first responder agency, jackass. All disasters are local.
by ttc2301 February 13, 2008
nickname given to someone who thinks they can save people just because she's strung out on diet coke and can stay up all night playing cahds.....
"Fema says, "This cat litter oughta do the trick...""
"Or how about another klingon cloaking device"
by big_tits_magee December 15, 2005
federal emergancy managment agence
FEMA was in charge of the oil spilll
by danial March 24, 2003

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