spontanious young man that has a remis of around 2 inches and enjoys a fresh batch of toffee
"I just wipped up a fresh batch of toffee, somebody call Felton"

Girl: "Get your remis out of me and get the toffee."

Boy: "Rah Rah Rah no one understands you she-bear"
by Jlml October 24, 2010
Top Definition
What you call the coolest person in the wizorld.
Gaylord sniffs cheez wiz so therefore he is a Felton.
by Felton Sheehy October 20, 2003
N. The act of making love to an armpit.
I can't believe it costs an extra $15 just to felton that girl.
by T. Francis Callahan March 03, 2007
A basketball player that doesn't live up to potential.... (2) An uptight male that likes playing the touchy touchy game (see de la soul) .
That felton was checkin' out the youngsters.
by E. Pier April 12, 2005
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