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When Jake sucks the cum out of the other Jakes asshole, then sticks a worm up each others ass and sucks it out.
"DAMN JAKE! HURRY UP WITH THAT FELTCHING! Your getting just as bad as Steves mom...CATCH UP! Damn Jake, you are the worse feltcher I have ever fucked!"
by CakeFaceJake September 03, 2008
a feltcher is a person who suck the puss off another persons ass with a straw
i feltched the other day.i'm a good feltcher
by ChrisChaffey August 25, 2006
One who "accidently" cums inside a girls vagina, and attempts to suck it out with a straw, in fear she might become pregnant
Quit being a feltcher honey im on birth control
by AdamAdamAdam January 17, 2008
Bob Pickett
I did not know Bob was a felcher until he showed me a picture of him sucking cum out of another man's ass!
by message_tied_to_a_brick May 21, 2004
When becky sucks the cum out of someones ass whole, or when someone sucks it out of hers
they feltched all night, becky is definately a feltcher, "He'll feltch your ass man"
by crazy February 05, 2004
A person or persons who inserts animals into their anus or vagina
John and Sarah had an interesting relationship, they played many twisted sexual games. Their favorite sexual game was to insert gold fish into each others ass holes
by Jim July 22, 2004
a windsurfer, usually of french or european orgin, that looks for pieces and parts that were manufacured before father time and cares for nothing more then how fast the wind is blowiing up his ass.
Do ya really need one!
by weenie March 12, 2003