One who after sucking cum out of his partner's ass will exchange it with him orally.
"The sick bastard was feltching with his gay lover"
by noone important February 04, 2003
Top Definition
A person who drinks cum from his/her partner's asshole usually via an auxillary aparatus such as a straw or radiator hose.
"I walked in on my father feltching his bowling partner."
by Huevos Rancheros January 21, 2003
Man who performs anal intercourse and then inserts a straw into the anus and sucks it back out.
One who is a feltcher and feltches.
by Ass fucker September 18, 2003
Generally a person who drinks a fresh load out of someone elses asshole with a straw.

It is recently discovered that feltching has become an emo practice.
FELTCHER EMO "your never sad enough to drink your own cum out of your mates ass"
by bill JIBBLA October 06, 2006
You have anal sex with a female (or male if that's your preference) then she (or he) farts the cum back out into your mouth. Upon doing so you drink it all.
Dude last night I gave Steve's mom a feltcher
by Marky Mark January 13, 2003
a feltcher is someone who like's to lick his own cum from another's ass hole
i work with a guy named zach, and he is a feltcher...
by me2316598 June 15, 2007
a feltcher is a person who suck the puss off another persons ass with a straw
i feltched the other day.i'm a good feltcher
by ChrisChaffey August 25, 2006
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