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- a pretentious, flirtatious ego-manic that tries but HORRIBLY FAILS at getting at little beautiful girls while in relationships with other ones.
Also, Known for talking BAAAARE ISH about past issues & people that do not concern them.
That guy is being such a Felman tonight at my party
by 'Eequas. August 05, 2011
A descendent of a faggoty two-bit felt machine, imported from small Greek islands. Default composition of the human Felmen includes:
two flimsy arms,
two pudgy blown up legs,
a 2-inch tallywhacker,
cunty, black, mullet frodo hair,
and one donkey brain.
Hey Rigel, did you see that greasy felt machine walking down the street last night?! Wow, he must be from the Greek Islands! FELMEN LOVES DONKEY NUTS
by Donkeywaste November 01, 2011