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n. To receive a blowjob or "fellatio" from SNL cast member Horatio Sanz.
1. I heard Tina Fey got a Fellatio Sanz after last week's episode of SNL. YES THAT'S RIGHT, TINA FEY.

2. Maybe if Hertio Sanz were funnier he could get more work and wouldn't have to give other men the Fellatio Sanz to get rent money.
by Quinn Mallory February 07, 2006
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Brother of SNL star Horatio Sanz, Fellatio lives a less fortunate life as a half broke struggling gay porn star in mid-eastern Peru. He's best know for his starring role as Dirty Trousers in "The Rusty Sailboat Sails the Seven Seas" and he also served as a fluffer for the famous 70's midget porn star Clark McDouglason.
Have you seen "The Rusty Sailboat Sails the Seven Sea's" yet!? Fellatio Sanz is no Robert Wagner, but he still gets me through my latin class."
by Rhode Island Sam November 05, 2007
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