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In a sexual relationship, the overall ratio of fellatio performed to cunnilingus.
Dave: Yo man, my girl just dumped me. I don't know where I went wrong.
Jeremiah: What was your fellatio ratio?
Dave: It was about 1 to 4
Jeremiah: Well, there's your problem. It should be 1:2 at a minimum. 1:1 is ideal. You need to satisfy your woman, playa.
Dave: But it strains my neck!
by Dr. January July 22, 2008
The ratio of females to males at any given point in time.
Chris Bees walked into the party and was super-stoked about the fellatio ratio as he barked, "I'm tots gonna cops some domski tonight bro!".
by Jazpah January 04, 2010
at a large gathering or party, the ratio of hoes to bros.
dude its a total sausage fest here, the fellatio ratio is shot to hell
by nagoosk July 28, 2008
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