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Kicking one leg up and putting your hands in the air (usually pointing to the sky) in celebration

Derives from Felix Hernandez celebrating after pitching a perfect game in the 2012 Mariners season
"Dude have you tried Felixing?"

"No, what's that?"

"It's the new Tebowing"
by Mariners1290 August 18, 2012
Asking a trivia question to which you don't know the answer.
He asked me who was the Panthers' backup goalie the last time they made the Stanley Cup final. He was félixing.
by filchill October 17, 2013
To go on Myspace, Facebook or similar like website and find hot girls and add them with out knowing them.
"Lets felixing on your Myspace"

"Look at her she looks hot, add her"
by ThisGuy12 March 05, 2010
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