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(a) feline ass bandit - A human being who performs anal sex on felines, particularly house cats. Cats who fall victim to a feline ass bandit often end up with a pink sock.

(b) The Feline Ass Bandit - A nefarious villain from California who made his way across the US to New York in search of cat stars. While he is willing to couple with any member of the feline race, he is particularly fond of male house and alley cats. He is known to introduce himself with one simple question, 'Do you have any cats?'
(a) My cat was shitting blood for a week after his vet visit....I suspect my veterinarian might be a feline ass bandit.

(b) I recognised the Feline Ass Bandit the moment he asked me if I had any cats.
#feline #ass #bandit #cat #catsex #pink sock #cat rape #cat sex
by aspieGODDESS November 13, 2006
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