A Hungarian arms manufacturer. FEG stands for Fegyver És Gépgyár which can be roughly translated as "Arms and Machine Factory". The company exported a variety of semi-automatic pistols and rifles such as the FEG PA-63 and is also well known for its copies of the Browning Hi-Power 9mm semi automatic pistol and of the famous AK-47, known as the FEG SA-85. The SA-85 "Thumb-hole stock" variant is very rare but one of the most sought after AKM's.
That FEG SA-85 is a reliable AKM but it is also much more expensive than others.
by jordanlovesimports December 07, 2007
A descrptive word, used to indicate that someone is ugly.
"Have a look at Claire, she's proper fegs. If you think she was bad at school - you should see her now! She's ten times feggier"
by Lee Ackerley March 25, 2007
Belfast word for a ciggerette
spare us a feg mate
u have any fegs on ye?
by lauraP May 25, 2005
Word used to say fag in online games that block swearing
Ah john fcking ks'ed me right now
dam hes such a feg
by Bimbs July 27, 2009
when an unwanted piece of hair sticks up
when you've a rough night in bed and your hairs all messy, you will usually have a feg
by Mr Badger November 30, 2007
The Way a Canadian says Fag. Very cute though :)

Feg, Fegs, Feggot Etc.
"Oh my gosh..What a Feg, Eh ?"
by CanTtoucHthiSDananana January 13, 2008
Feg means "AW CRAP" or something.
if u do something wrong or something IS wrong.
"this is well "fegged" up man"
by Polo Mint April 02, 2006

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