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There's only one thing I can say about her... At least she's better than Avril Lavinge, mostly cause she writes her own music.
At least she doesn't claim to be punk... maybe there's hope for her after all...
by Kristina Delonge November 15, 2004
Fefe Dobson is a 19 year old, commercially-driven, manufactured pop/soul/rock star. She has a wonderful voice and a lot of her songs are quite catchy. She's also very attractive.

She's a bit more tlaented than Avril Lavigne. And unlike Avril, she isn't arrogant and snotty.
8 X 10 by Fefe Dobson is a great song.
by Cephicide August 14, 2004
a female singer who is out trying to make it in the world of music dominated by corporations backing today's leading pop singers. mistaken for a pouser, fefe is just your average girl placed in an extraordinary situation and is coming out on the better end.
um... winging it here but def. better than most music i hear under this genre.
by kris July 02, 2004
Awesome singer with a great style. Definatley better than Avril Lavigne.
Wow! Listen to Fefe Dobson's great voice!
by everGirlx77 April 09, 2004
An awesome rock singer with great talent and an amazing voice unlike that whore jessica simpson
better than most "singers" out there
by meg February 19, 2005
Black/African-Canadian version of Avril Lavigne, with pre-fabricated punke made by her manager and producers.
But has a better voice than Lavigne
Oh, loo, another poseur, FeFe Dobson.
by qwertyuiop September 07, 2004
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