another word to desribe an overweight Beezy.
That Feezy was bustin out of her skinny jeans...
by H.D August 18, 2009
Top Definition
As in being fake;around the bush
1.Man that girl so feezy,she lie about everything.
by Kencia February 08, 2008
Cleaner word to when you say
"What the Fuck"?
Jack Couldnt beleive his eyes when he saw his fine girlfreind suprise him for his birthday "What The Feezy"? he said in total shock
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
(Fee-zee): 1. Off the "fuggin'" heazy, or off the "fuggin'" hinges(tight/fresh/off tha hook).
2. Aiight then or holla at you later.
1. Ni**@, that ish was FEEZY!
2. Feezy.(Then you part ways).
by L Feezy August 31, 2012
A mix between fuck, fizzle and shizzle. Can be used as an offensive word.

Usually paired with 'wut tha'.
wut the feezy were you thinking when you did that to that innocent girl?
by belink March 07, 2008
Slang for "female" originates outta the slumz of Southeast Michigan.
Man bro I need to find me a real ass Feezy, someone loyal my dude.
by Goodfella213 October 29, 2014
A term to describe a very attractive woman
Also: Feez - ies
UH OH! Feezy at twelve 'O clock! Damn she nice right there!
by Torrance Durkee September 02, 2008
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