Better known as the charcter from Boy Meets World. But is definetely the name of an irish peron looking for fun.
"Holy shizz, did you see Feeney last night? He was wild!"
by A. Feeney January 18, 2009
Top Definition
When you make no sense drunk, yet more sense than normal. When you cant bare to throw away empty alcohol vessels and stack them for your audience. When drooling while sleeping is cool. When you sleep in others beds without intent. When your fingers twitch at parties. When you randomly blurt out sentences that make no sense to others. When Tequila is breakfast.
Oh my god he was out all night. When I came in he was sleeping on the floor and the oven was still on. Such a Feeney.
by ShowMustGoOn December 11, 2011
Means complete lying twats responsible for much destruction within families. Not content with just destroying peoples lives they have to dig heals in also.
Girl one: Hey man I love you
Girl Two: You best not he's my brother and he's mine

This is called a feeney
by Victoriam March 06, 2010
When a person soils themself.
"Hey,did you guys here that Zach pulled a Feeney in class today?"
by Rory December 21, 2004
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