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The act of throwing in an enormous lip or "pich" of chewing tobacco, specifically Kodiak brand. Each tin has a Kodiak Bear shown on the lid
"I've been stuck at my goddamn girlfriends house all night and all I want to do is go home and feed the bear."

"The bears real hungry right about now."
by Prof. Leukoplakia November 15, 2011
mutual insertion of great toes into partner's anus. can be performed as a daisy chain (see daisy chain)
"i forgot that my toe ring was loose when we fed the bear. my bad..."
by --babyjesus March 01, 2004
69 toe fuck
popular gay sport
"Yeah, last night we fed the bear. Yeah it was fun. The fungus under his nail didn't bother me."
by Jerome January 22, 2004
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