Definition for somesing ugly or bad. Colombian ecuadorian roots.
que chica tan federal compai.
HEY! parce que lowrider tan federal.
by i unno i 4get it October 16, 2004
Top Definition
is an extension of the acronym fed that stands for Fully Erect Dong. A Synonym for an erection.
I saw Brooklyn Decker and I got a hella steely federal
by bbpcock March 08, 2010
Money- as in Federal Reserve Note
I can't go out tonight cause I ain't got no federals
by a March 30, 2004
Someone who snitches on another person or group of people.
Yo, you fuck with Johnny?
Nah, that nigga's federal.
by seattleboxcar May 14, 2016
not conforming to what is generally expected in society.
fool1: "yo man, what'd you do on friday night?"

fool2: "man, I ain't even trippin. I went out and got educated."

fool1: "dag homie, tha's federal!"
by narojoku March 20, 2006
(adj.) very, very cool.
'Did you like the new Beastie Boys album?'
'Yeah, man, it's federal.'
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
(adj.) Against the law.
Shiiiiiiiiit! I aint doing that! That shit is ferderal and I been on parole since '94, cause I commit the crime!
by Homes136 December 15, 2003
Coolest thing in the world
D-12 is federal
by tom from onw October 09, 2003
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