(adj.) very, very cool.
'Did you like the new Beastie Boys album?'
'Yeah, man, it's federal.'
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
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is an extension of the acronym fed that stands for Fully Erect Dong. A Synonym for an erection.
I saw Brooklyn Decker and I got a hella steely federal
by bbpcock March 08, 2010
Money- as in Federal Reserve Note
I can't go out tonight cause I ain't got no federals
by a March 30, 2004
not conforming to what is generally expected in society.
fool1: "yo man, what'd you do on friday night?"

fool2: "man, I ain't even trippin. I went out and got educated."

fool1: "dag homie, tha's federal!"
by narojoku March 20, 2006
(adj.) Against the law.
Shiiiiiiiiit! I aint doing that! That shit is ferderal and I been on parole since '94, cause I commit the crime!
by Homes136 December 15, 2003
Coolest thing in the world
D-12 is federal
by tom from onw October 09, 2003
Definition for somesing ugly or bad. Colombian ecuadorian roots.
que chica tan federal compai.
HEY! parce que lowrider tan federal.
by i unno i 4get it October 16, 2004

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